What We Do

Our primary focus is to develop long standing relationships with these professionals throughout the United States. With the network we have established, and with an expertise developed by working with thousands of people with an advanced skill set and a commitment to the insurance industry, we have become adept at finding the most suitable opportunities and career options for them. They could be nearing retirement and in need of maximizing their earning potential in a short period of time. Perhaps they are looking to sell the business they have spent the majority of their careers building. We work with many people who would like to take on a new challenge and level of responsibility. Or maybe they could just be looking to find a comfortable and stable environment.

Regardless of where they are in their career, if they are in the insurance industry and stand out in a positive way, we can help.

We are not the type of recruiting firm that will blast out candidates resumes and personal information to every insurance organization in the general area. We learn exactly what type of opportunities our candidates would like to be made aware of, and when those positions are made available, we target them specifically for the people we represent. We know you are busy juggling your professional and personal responsibilities, so we promise that we won’t waste your time. Confidentiality is also an aspect of our job that we take extremely serious. No firm will know about our candidate’s interest in a new position, without us receiving permission from our candidate to approach them first. Once they are made aware of the candidate’s potential interest in them, our clients will keep that information to themselves.