Mission & Vision


Global delivers business growth and leadership to Insurance Companies and Brokers throughout the United States; we help them build their brand with human capital – strong revenue generating professionals with a compelling career vision.

We intend to sustain our position as market leaders through a process of continuous investment in training, industry research and systems that improve the quality and consistency of our delivery. We will stay more focused than any of our competitors, with greater depth of market penetration and understanding, both geographic and practice based.

We recognize that by investing in our own growth we invest in the success of our partners, bring new horizons and financial security to our employees and generate superior returns for our shareholders.


Changing Lives for the Better.

We exist to make a difference to the lives and families of our employees, customers and shareholders. To each we bring new horizons, a sense of possibility and personal or business growth.

In so doing, we hold fast to a clear long-term vision of being the pre-eminent supplier of revenue focused professionals, consultancy and services to Insurance Companies and Brokerages in the United States.

A vision of opportunity, responsibility and leadership.



We offer a strong opportunity for financial and personal growth, equally available to all. This is underwritten by great training, effective systems, and a winning mentality.


We enjoy a healthy, hardworking place where everyone is externally focused. Each of us accepts the responsibility of contributing towards a great working environment.


We honor the worth of our people and respect their individuality. We see to the best interests of our colleagues, as much as our own, without expectation of return.


We expect to share our ideas, to be heard, and to listen in equal measure. We encourage honesty and directness in all our dealings, both internally and externally.


We each expect to be held accountable for demonstrating and living these values, as much as our effort, productivity and business levels


We show a generosity of spirit to both customers and colleagues. There’s satisfaction in giving something of ourselves, our passion and our creativity to those around us.


We each lead by example in our area of operations, taking ownership of our actions and words, responsibility for self-improvement, and the long term success of our company.