Business Leaders

Global Recruiting
We only work with front line managers or leaders, individuals who can share the vision and excitement of their companies and the factors that drive them.

If you’re a business that would prefer to stay abreast of the top 20% of talent in the industry as it emerges, rather than hire in 911 mode, please read on! If you recognize the imperative of building your human capital and your brand, we’ll bring you the industry’s best leaders and revenue-driving professionals.

Our Difference

We research target-organizations and their best performers.  We are listeners, not pitchmen. Before interviewing for particular jobs, our recruiters capture the uninfluenced wish list which comes from a prospective candidate's heart. We try to understand how to harness their energies and predict their performance.

In servicing our clients, we strive for the same depth of insight into their organization, its persona, leadership, and the background to particular hiring needs. We need to understand what makes you tick!

If you work with us, collaborate with us, we'll add value to your business. And bring you the best high-demand, low-supply candidates.

We value your time and money, so we don’t want to waste either of those resources.  The clearer the picture we have of your organization and the type of professionals you need, the more direct hits we will have when working together.  We don’t blast out resumes.  We take the time to find what you want, and then we deliver them.

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