About Us

Welcome to Global Recruiting. We recruit experienced insurance professionals throughout the USA.

That’s it. Insurance. No other industry.

Since we work specifically within the insurance industry, we target successful and experienced professionals with a defined skill set. If you are good, we want to get to know you. We are an excellent resource for talented insurance executives, revenue generators, client executives, underwriters, claims personnel, marketers and agency principals that would like to know what their options are, now and in the future.

The result is that we understand insurance professionals better than most. We understand how they think, what it takes to be great in their jobs, and how to successfully move them to a better opportunity.

We also learn what type of personnel our clients need to continue to grow and sustain their business. We don’t introduce unqualified or unprofessional people to them, wasting their time and money. Our clients also trust us to manage the interview process professionally and efficiently. They work with us because continually finding quality personnel is critical to every firm that wants to grow, and our knowledge of the insurance industry combined with our work ethic and professionalism, makes us a highly valuable business partner.